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Stop Blocking, Start Connecting

What are the communication blockers? There are innumerable ways in which people hinder harmonious exchanges, but eight major blockers pose the greatest challenges and create the most drama. Many blockers are interrelated and are oftentimes offshoots that accompany these primary blockers: Fixing, comparing, multi-tasking, trivializing, analyzing, interrogating, chastising and over-sympathizing. Learning how each of these blockers, individually and simultaneously, enters our interpersonal communication and wreaks havoc that is difficult to undo, is the subject of my new book (publishing soon!).

How to Enhance Your Interactions with Colleagues & Clients

Though unintended, and often unconscious, we all communicate in ways that prevent us from being present and receptive in our professional interactions, interfering with our desired business objective to attract and retain clients. This experiential program provides participants with the know-how to identify these obstacles, and replace them with communication tools that enhance client engagement and retention. Participants will also be introduced to the most recent research on how to create connections that turn current clients into referral sources.

Common scenarios that raise communication challenges

We will show you how to pinpoint the reason you feel deflated,  disappointed, devastated and frustrated whenever you interact with certain people in your life, and how to prevent and preempt downward spirals in conversations. We will also introduce you to the eight powerful communication connectors, which will allow you to build positive and productive relationships with key people in your personal and professional life. Again, there are countless ways to connect with others, yet I’ve found that replacing each blocker with one of these central connectors is immediately effective: Empowering, relating, focusing, validating, appreciating, understanding, responding and empathizing. I’ll go into the emotional and psychological drivers behind each of the blockers, and offer you tips, tools and takeaways to create connection.


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