Stop Blocking, Start Connecting

Over 90% of the communication problems that plague our life are the dreadful barriers that get in the way of happy relationships and productive interactions. Most of the drama we experience is caused by communication blockers, the regretful words that spring off the tips of our tongues or fingers, ready to cause conflict and chaos.Stop Blocking, Start Connecting shows readers how to transform relationships by recognizing where they get blocked, reducing bad communication habits, removing the 8 common blockers and replacing them with 8 powerful connectors.

Double Negative: Meeting Ignorance with Impatience

I’m not the first to say that there is a lot of tension in conversations these days. Whether on social media, at the Thanksgiving dinner table, in office discussions, in political discourse and beyond. I’ve been listening to this dis-course: Listening to the dis-comfort, the dis-ease and to the general dis-content as well-intentioned people enter…