Stop Blocking, Start Connecting

Over 90% of the communication problems that plague our life are the dreadful barriers that get in the way of happy relationships and productive interactions. Most of the drama we experience is caused by communication blockers, the regretful words that spring off the tips of our tongues or fingers, ready to cause conflict and chaos.Stop Blocking, Start Connecting shows readers how to transform relationships by recognizing where they get blocked, reducing bad communication habits, removing the 8 common blockers and replacing them with 8 powerful connectors.

Communication Cheat Sheet Part 2: Nonverbal Cues

A couple weeks ago I posted an article about the power of listening-– — and stated that the second most significant skill on my communication cheat sheet is the power of nonverbal communication. Of all the intentional tools to master, how we convey our emotions with the use of our voice, facial expression and body language, will…